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Static Code Analysis

Security Checking
Quality Assurance
for C/C++

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Code Compliance

MISRA C 2012
MISRA C 2004
MISRA C++ 2008
and more

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IDE Integration

Visual Studio
Wind River
and more

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Agile Static Testing

CI Integration
Build Integration

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NextGen Technology

Model Checking
SMT Solving
Abstract Interpretation
Data Flow Analysis

Security, Quality and Code Compliance

We provide automated source code analysis tools for kickstarting C/C++ code quality, reducing security vulnerabilities and assisting source code compliance. As the creators of advanced, multi-patented static analysis technologies based on formal verification technology, we strive to reduce your software development costs and risks. Let our Goanna tools help you to create better code and to deliver software in time with confidence.

Static Security Analysis

Security defects and vulnerabilities are notoriously hard to spot and prevent. Let Goanna help to detect insecure use of untrusted data, risky resource management and classical crash causing bugs.

Code Quality Compliance

Complying with international industry standards and classifications such as MISRA, CWE, CRET or SANS assists certification and quality assurance. Let Goanna automate your review analysis.

Technology Licensing

Our analysis engine is the result of almost 10 years of scientific research. Profit from our experience through various licensing options to boost your security and quality products.

Goanna Studio

Integrated in Visual Studio, Eclipse, and many embedded IDEs Goanna Studio provides leading C/C++ code analysis and defect management by the click of a button. Fix defects when and where they happen.

Goanna Central

Supporting nightly builds and continuous integration analysis Goanna Central provide enterprise grade analysis to your QA and Security teams. Available for a wide range of development environments on Windows and Linux.

Open Integration

We provide beautiful reporting and charting options of analysis results including historic tracking. Additionaly we provide open interfaces for integration in existing in-house solutions or popular systems such as SonarQube.

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Like to learn more and experience advanced static analysis for yourself? We are happy to assist you.

Industry Standards Code Compliance

Auditing software source code for industry standard compliance can be a major investment in time and effort. Goanna assists your organisation by automatically checking C/C++ source code against major leading security and quality standards. Supporting classifications such as MISRA (2004, 2008, 2012) as well as CWE, SANS, CERT and GJB code confidence for certification and delivery quality can be achieved much quicker and at lower costs.


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We understand that every oganization is different with different needs. We designed our licensing options to cater for most scenarios. Whether you are a small development house requiring a few fixed licenses or you have large team needing flexible floating licenses: we have you covered. On top of that we license our multi-patented analysis technology to interested OEM parties for creating products of the future.

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