In order to use goanna with Atollic TrueSTUDIO, you will need

  1. goanna Studio for Eclipse 3.3.0 or higher Download Here
  2. Atollic TrueSTUDIO version 3.1.0, which you can get from


Atollic TrueSTUDIO is based on Eclipse and is 100% compatible with third-party Eclipse plug-ins. Atollic, however, has disabled the Help>>Install New Software… menu item in TrueSTUDIO, requiring you to go outside the TrueSTUDIO IDE in order to install and upgrade them.

Please refer to the Goanna Studio (Eclipse Edition) User Guide for details about Atollic TrueSTUDIO integration with Goanna. The relevant sections are:

  • 2.2.2: Installing Goanna Studio