In order to use goanna with Code Composer Studio you will need:

  • goanna Studio for Eclipse 2.9.0 or higher Download Here
  • Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio version 5.0 or higher, which you can get from

The steps to install are as follows:

STEP 1. From Code Composer Studio’s Help menu, click Install New Software….

STEP 2. On the Available Software dialog that shows, click the Add… button.

STEP 3. On the Add Repository dialog that then shows, click Archive….

STEP 4. In the Open File dialog, browse to your goanna Studio for Eclipse JAR file (e.g., goanna-eclipse-release-3.2.0.jar) and click Open.
STEP 5. Click OK.

STEP 6. When the contents of the JAR file have finished scanning, check goanna Studio, and click Next >.

STEP 7. Click Next > through the wizard and then Finish. If you see a Security Warning dialog, just click OK.

STEP 8. You may need to restart Code Composer Studio before using goanna.

For information about enabling your goanna license, consult the User Guide.

Configuring Goanna for the Texas Instruments Compiler

goanna Studio automatically detects the Compiler tool chain used by your project (TI Build Tools, MinGW GCC, or other), and configures itself accordingly.

Likewise, if you change any Compiler options in your project (such as Target processor, Include Options, or Predefined Symbols), goanna Studio will automatically reconfigure itself to take into account the changes.

To see goanna’s compiler settings, select the goanna menu and click Project Properties….

To auto-detect your compiler tool chain, check Auto-Detect.

If auto-detection finds a different tool chain and compiler executables from what you expected, or if you wish to analyse your project under a different configuration from your build, you can uncheck Auto-Detect and change the Toolchain, C compiler executable, and C++ compiler executable to anything you like.

Known Issues

Include paths for Texas Instruments eXpress DSP Components (XDC) may not be auto-detected in the current version of goanna Studio.

If your project uses XDC components, you may see errors about being unable to find header files and goanna[PARSE] errors thereafter.

The workaround is to manually add the XDC include paths as Extra arguments in goanna‘s Project Properties. The include paths comprise of:

  • XDC package path, and
  • The remaining include paths.

By default the XDC package path is in the format of C:\ti\xdctools_<version>\packages, where <version> is the version of XDCtools your project is using in the format similar to 3_25_03_72 (for version To find the version of XDCtools you are using, click Project Properties, then open General page, and then RTSC tab.

To find the remaining XDC include paths you are using, click Project Properties and open the XDCtools properties page. The include paths are in “Summary of flags set” list, and in the format of –xdcpath=”<include paths>”.

The include path options you need to pass to goanna would be in the format of:

-I<XDC package path> -I<first path from XDCtools dialog> -I<second path from XDCtools dialog>…

For example,

-IC:/ti/xdctools_3_25_03_72/packages -IC:/ti/bios_6_33_04_39/packages -IC:/ti/ccsv5/ccs_base

Input the include path options composed in the format above into goanna‘s Extra arguments. You can find this option in the goanna Studio preferences page and click in Extra arguments: