DHS-Funded Software Assurance Market Place (SWAMP) Partners with Red Lizard Software to Protect Critical Infrastructure

The SoftWare Assurance MarketPlace (SWAMP) announced that it has formed a partnership with Red Lizard Software in order to enhance the software security services offered by the SWAMP.  Funded by the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T) the goal of the SWAMP is to further advance the state of cyber-security, to better protect the nation’s critical infrastructure, and to improve the resiliency of open-source software.

Red Lizard Software’s leading software analysis tool Goanna is now available in the Software Assurance Marketplace. As a long time, strong supporter of global software security and quality initiatives such as the NIST SAMATE program, Red Lizard Software has joined the SWAMP initiative to contribute improvements in future software security. The flagship Goanna software and security analyser provides SWAMP users a leading tool to detect and fix software vulnerabilities in critical infrastructures.

“Software applications have become a core fabric to all aspects of our lives and are integral for the operation of our cars, home appliances, medical devices and, of course, our mobile devices. Software even powers the critical infrastructures that support our daily life support needs such as electricity and water,” said Software Assurance Manager Kevin E. Greene of The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T). “The Department of Homeland Security funded the SWAMP because these software applications are quickly moving from behind the protection of corporate firewalls onto the web, making the need for improved software assurance capabilities more essential than ever to provide a first line of defense in protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure and e-commerce environments.”

Dr Ralf Huuck, founder of Red Lizard Software said, “We are delighted to support the SWAMP security initiative by sharing our Goanna analysis capabilities especially with the open source community and the educational sector to harden next generation software”.

Dr Huuck will be speaking on a SWAMP-hosted panel at OWASP’s APPSEC USA in Denver, CO.


About Red Lizard Software

Red Lizard Software is the  leading provider of integrated C/C++ source code analysis tools for software quality and security. Being the first company to combine the automated technologies of static analysis and model checking Red Lizard Software’s goal is to bring high quality, secure software to market faster. Red Lizard Software was founded in 2009 and continually advances verification technology from NICTA, Australia’s leading nation-wide research & development center for information and communication technology.

Red Lizard Software’s flagship products, Goanna Studio and Goanna Central, detect security vulnerabilities and software defects automatically at product development time. Goanna’s capability for deep software analysis and bug detection is complemented by its support for leading industry standards such as CWE, CERT, OWASP, MISRA and SANS.

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