First Impressions

After I finished my final exams in June 2008, I left Germany to travel for almost a year. I first went to New Zealand in August. Afterwards I came to Sydney in the middle of November 2008. I had got an internship at NICTA for one month. This was extended till the end of February.

When I arrived I was explained what Goanna does. I had had a few programming experiences and thought: “Why do you need software for finding bugs? If it does not work, have a deep look at the code and you will find the problem.” But at this time I had only seen my programs I had written at school. They were not longer than a few thousand lines.

During the first weeks I learned what Goanna was able to and began to appreciate the work. Now, three months later I look back at many hours sitting in front of the screen with testing, editing, finding bugs, …

I liked the work, since I knew what it was for, could see results immediately while checking own test files and even in published software Goanna found bugs.

I am leaving Sydney in a few days and are going to travel around Australia. I am looking forward to experience the desert from Adelaide to Darwin. I then plan to travel south along the West Coast to Perth, back to Sydney and finally South Africa.

Good luck for Goanna and a successful start!!

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