Goanna 1.1 release

Goanna for Visual Studio 1.1 has been released. Download  it now. Changes include:

Fixed a constructor initialization false positive.

Fixed several unused variable false positives related to complex types in C++.

Include paths can now end in a backslash.

Accelerator keys: Alt+F1 (run Goanna on the Solution) and Alt+F2 (Run Goanna on the active project).

Several new checks, including:

Comparison never holds

Comparison always holds

Switch case is unreachable

Expanded the interval analysis.

Checks are now organized by category in the settings dialog.

Underlining (“Squiggles”) of warning-relevant code in the Visual Studio text editor.

Statistics page for monitoring Goanna’s progress.

Analysis of assert() statements for variable bounds.

Improved traces.

Much more internal work has been done, laying the groundwork for inter-procedural analysis and user-defined checks. Visual Studio 2010 support is well underway.

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