Goanna 2.7 Released

We are delighted to announce the new Goanna 2.7 release across all product lines!

There are some major improvements and a bunch of new features in the new release.
Most noteworthy, we completely redesigned the  way we handle different compilers
and environments in Goanna Studio for Eclipse. It is now straightforward to support
different embedded compilers and cross-compilation settings.

In this release we also provide some early support for Visual Studio 11. As one
of the leaders in Visual Studio support we provide a beta for public download and

As usual there has been a lot of improvements to the underlying analysis engine often times
significantly reducing the overall runtime. There are improved checks and reduced false positives
as well as a re-worked interprocedural analysis that finds more issues in a single run.

Goanna Studio Eclipse & Visual Studio

  • The IDE versions now come with preconfigured setting for different needs:  “Quick Check”
    and “Deep Check” . The “Quick Check” performs most checks that  can be run quickly to allow fast results. The “Deep Check” option does thorough analysis and includes all possible checks. These are simple alternatives to the default/customised configuration.
  • There is a free beta version of a new “Suppression Manager” included to view sort, filter, and manage the warnings from a project.
  • Goanna has early support for Visual Studio 11 (beta).

All Versions

  • Goanna has changed from a custom configuration file format to use JSON. By moving to the new format it is much easier to support different compilers and environments.
  • There is a new user guide as well as a separate reference guide with more introductions, check examples and explanations.
  • The Goanna interprocedural analysis has been improved to give stable results between runs.
  • Reduced false positive reporting for many cases including the RED-unusued-var-all  check.
  • Better handling of random numbers (from the “rand()” function).
  • Support for the “-isystem” argument by default.
  • Improved  overall Goanna performance including avoiding some pathological examples.
  • Greater support of the C++11 standard and future options to support other languages.

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