Goanna 2.8 Released

We are delighted to announce the new Goanna 2.8 release across all product lines!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

We have made some major improvements to the core of Goanna in this release, particularly in the areas of reducing false positives and improved checks.  Goanna’s support for the C++11 standards, embedded compilers, and different locales has been improved. And we have also added several improvements to Goanna Studio interfaces and compatibility with other IDEs. It is now much easier to integrate Goanna Central or Studio with other IDEs.

Most noteworthy in this release is a new false positive elimination module, that is able to deduce with greater accuracy whether each potential defect is a real one or cannot happen on any path through your code.Streaming Below Her Mouth (2017)

In addition, this release also includes more checks for potential division-by-zero and double-free errors, and improvements to existing checks such as null pointer dereferences.

All Versions

  • Goanna now includes a false positive elimination module that checks the feasibility of warnings to ensure they are possible. This rules out many previous false positives and improves Goanna’s precision.
  • Goanna has an upgraded parser that now handles more of the C++11 standards, as well as better support for embedded compilers.
  • The installation and configuration of Goanna now handles different character sets and locales better.
  • Variable comparisons are now used more intelligently to better detect when variables cannot be null or zero.
  • Goanna now makes more use of information for Linux/Mingw assert functions.
  • Fixed a bug in the COP-member-uninit warning by now handling operator overloading better.
  • Added two new ATH-div-0-unchk warnings for local and global variables being checked against zero before being used as a divisor.
  • Added a new MEM-double-free-some check that detects when memory is freed twice along some paths of execution.

Goanna Studio Eclipse

  • Improved the trace viewer to react to the user input and provide more information on the trace path.
  • General improvements to the interface.
  • Compatibility with earlier versions of Java to support more environments and integration.

Goanna Visual Studio

  • Increased configuration compatibility by gathering more information from various configuration files, in particular user specific configurations.
  • Add in functionality to specify Ignore Paths; a list of files, directories, or regular expressions that Goanna should not analyze. This allows users to better control analysis of generated files, included files, and libraries provided by third parties.
  • Improved integration of the Suppression Manager so that clicking on a warning now jumps to the corresponding location in the code.
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