Goanna 2.5 released

Goanna 2.5 is now available from the download page. Here’s a summary of what’s changed in this release.

– All versions

  • stored filenames are now specified as relative paths, allowing the Goanna database to be used in multiple locations
  • better support for Unicode source code
  • the ARR-inv-index check now allows for unbounded subscripts

– Goanna Central

  • license server options can be specified on the command line
  • the language choice, C or C++, can be given on the command line

– Visual Studio

  • clicking on a warning in a project summary navigates to the relevant code
  • better support for Win64 targets
  • partial compatibility with Intel Parallel Studio (on VS2005 and VS2008, Goanna does not work with projects converted to use the Intel C++ compiler)

As usual, feedback is welcome.

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