Goanna 2.6 Released

Goanna 2.6 is now available from the download page. In this release we have focused on the usability of our Goanna Studio for Eclipse offering which at the same time increases stability and flexibility in the face of the many different configurations that are possible within the Eclipse CDT environment. Here is a summary of what has changed in this release:

– All versions

  • Bounds checking for arrays of arbitrary dimension
  • Bounds checking for arrays within classes, structs and unions
  • Arrays of unspecified size are no longer considered to have size 0
  • Constant global variables are now modelled with a value that does not change
  • The constant “-1U” and others will now be modelled with an appropriately large value instead of -1
  • Check FPT-misuse no longer warns about function pointers that are the result of the ternary operator (?:)
  • Check ITR-uninit now works correctly for iterators that are initialized using operator=
  • Check RED-unused-param no longer warns for parameters that have the GNU attribute (unused)
  • Checks RED-cond-const-assign and EXP-cond-assign no longer consider “+=” and similar operators to be constant assignments
  • Non-system #include files are now included in the analysis of a file that includes them.

– Goanna Studio for Visual Studio

  • preprocessor macros within parentheses are expanded
  • macros in comments are not expanded

– Goanna Central

  • Cygwin support for windows, use –compiler-sort=cygwin to create a cygwin configuration
  • Other compiler sort added, use –compiler-sort=other for an empty configuration
  • Remove the dependencies on the hard to manage predefined_macro.txt files
  • Predefined macros are now stored in the Goanna resource files, which are generated during configuration

– Goanna Studio for Eclipse

  • Completely re-organised configuration
    • Per project configuration
    • File based (under a goanna directory in the project file system)
    • User editable, or use the Goanna Project Properties dialogs. (two way synchronisation)
  • Menu item “Run Goanna on Selected File(s)” now appears when right-clicking on folders, and will analyse all files found in the selected folder.
  • Cygwin toolchain support on windows

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