Goanna 3.3 released

The Red Lizards team is delighted to announce the release of version 3.3 of the Goanna suite of static analysis tools across all product lines!

Improved Results for Deeper Analysis

The Goanna team have been working with customers and institutions to improve the accuracy and coverage of Goanna’s checks, on improvements to the core analysis engine and extending memory modelling. Goanna now has improved precision in pinpointing critical pointer, arithmetic and memory bugs.

  • More than 30 new and revised C and C++ checks
  • Improved detection of memory and resource bugs due to aliased references
  • Improved accuracy (finds more bugs and fewer false warnings)

Improved User Experience

Goanna 3.3 has new features and many bug fixes to make it easier for Studio and Central users.

  • Goanna Studio allows easy configuration of enabled checks which can be shared by a development team to ensure consistent use of checks
  • Improvements in warning management in the Goanna Dashboard
  • Many UI improvements and bug fixes
  • Goanna Central and Studio now has simple HTML summary and warning reports

Wider Toolchain and IDE Support

Goanna 3.3 adds support for more popular toolsets:

  • Compilers: updated ARMCC, new C166/updated C51, new SHARC support
  • Improved support for Texas Instrument compilers
  • Support for Keil μVision project builds
  • Utility to support CMake based builds

Goanna 3.3 also adds support for Analog Devices CrossCore Embedded Studio.

For a full list of changes click here to download the release notes.

Get Goanna 3.3 Today!

For existing customers, Click Here to download. For new customers, request an evaluation.

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