Goanna 3.6 Released

The Red Lizards team is delighted to announce the release of version 3.6 of the Goanna suite of static analysis tools across all product lines!

Complete MISRA C 2012 Coverage

Goanna 3.6 ships with more than 40 new checks for MISRA C 2012 compliance, covering all statically verifiable rules. This brings our total coverage of MISRA C 2012 rules to 97.5% (155 out of 159).

The table below shows the coverage of MISRA C 2012. For more specific coverage information, please refer to the Goanna MISRA C 2012 Datasheet.

Decidable Undecidable Total
Mandatory 4/4 (100%) 6/6 (100%) 10/10 (100%)
Required 86/86 (100%) 25/27 (92.6%) 111/113 (98.2%)
Advisory 26/26 (100%) 8/10 (80%) 34/36 (94.4%)
116/116 (100%) 39/43 (90.7%) 115/159 (97.5%)

Code Metrics

Goanna Central 3.6 ships with a new utility to compute various code metrics over the whole project, providing more insight into the code base. This version of Goanna includes over 20 metrics, such as effective lines of code and cyclomatic complexity. The computed metrics can be additionally saved to separate XML, CSV and HTML files.

Knowledge Base

Goanna Central 3.6 introduces the knowledge base. The knowledge base can be used to manually specify a functions behaviour. For example, a developer can specify that a function will always return NULL, or deallocate one of its arguments. This new feature allows developers to fine-tune the analysis.

Visual Studio 2015

Goanna Studio 3.6.0 includes support for Visual Studio 2015.

Compiler Support

Goanna 3.6.0 adds support for the following compilers:

  • IAR Toolchain for AVR
  • Texas Instruments ARM C/C++ Optimizing Compiler
  • Wind River GNU Compilers

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