Goanna in the iAwards finals!

Cool news: We were made it to the iAwards finals! I should probably explain this: The iAwards are kinda the Academy Awards of the IT industry in Australia. It is mostly based on recognizing disruptive technology originating from down under.

One example, and one awards competitor, is Atlassian, who are probably well known by any of you who ever searched for a bug tackers or a corporate Wikis. They made it from nothing to a global competitor in a few years. We are even more thrilled that Goanna is up with them in the same category in the same final. We are the only ones from the state of New South Wales representing Australia. How cool is that?

Anyway, I am just back from the final pitch to the judges at KPMG in Melbourne and I must say: It was fun! It is always good to pitch the Goanna solution to people in the broader field: Business analysts, lawyers and technology futurists.

The final results will be announced on May 27. Let’s keep fingers crossed and ‘llI keep you posted with the results.

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