Goanna is Gearing Up for Visual Studio 11

Red Lizards Software is preparing for the future! As one of the pioneers for supporting Visual Studio 2010, we are once again leading innovation and we are happy to announce our preparation for a sim-ship release with the upcoming Visual Studio 11.

As recently announced, Visual Studio 11 beta is now available for download. The new IDE comes with a simplified design and a much streamlined user experience. At this point in time MSDN subscribers can download and trial the beta release: Visual Studio 11 Download


Goanna Studio, previously already available for Visual Studio 2005,  Visual Studio 2008, and Visual Studio 2010, will be available in time for the upcoming Visual Studio 11 to seamlessly support our innovative and trend defining users. A big thanks also goes to our development team for working with the guys at Microsoft to make Goanna Studio even better in the upcoming release. As a sneak peak we give you a first screenshot below, but if you want to try Goanna Studio for Visual Studio yourself, send us an email at vs11@redlizards.com.

Goanna Studio in Visual Studio 11 beta

Goanna Studio in Visual Studio 11 beta


Red Lizard Software is the leading provider of code confidence tools for C/C++ developers, bringing advanced static analysis closer to the developer by providing solutions for flexible build integration on the server and deep IDE embedding on the desktop across platforms.

Goanna is a fast, scalable, and precise software solution that detects software bugs and security vulnerabilities automatically during the development process, helping to keep product launch timetables on track and to reduce life cycle costs.

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