Goanna agrees OEM static analysis technology license

Each year millions of cars are affected by critical software issues leading to expensive and inconvenient updates and recalls. Software flaws and security issues have a serious impact and cost the US economy alone over $60bn annually.

The Red Lizard Software has been at the forefront of developing new code analysis tools and techniques to find and address serious software bugs right from the earliest stages of the software development process.

Through the development and commercial release of these analysis tools, “Goanna Studio” and “Goanna Central”, the team has been assisting software development companies such as Siemens, Texas Instruments, LG and Ericsson detect critical flaws and security vulnerabilities automatically during software development, significantly reducing the risk of later crashes and attacks.

This same NICTA technology, which powers its start-up company trading as Red Lizard Software, has now been non-exclusively licensed for a seven-figure sum to one of the world’s leading independent software vendors for programming of processors in embedded systems. This multi-year IP License and service agreement will see the NICTA technology potentially reaching tens of thousands of new users, and likely increasing the security and reliability of billions of devices.

Red Lizard Software founder and CEO Dr Ralf Huuck, who has guided the technology R&D from its outset to its most recent success, said “This is a fantastic validation of creating high-tech IP from deep formal methods research and developing tools that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago.”

The team is continuing its efforts to bring further new techniques from disciplines such as model checking and Satisfiability Modulo Theory (SMT) solving to the software development mass market. The team recently filed for an additional patent, building upon its strong fundamental intellectual property base, and positioning the technology for its next phase of market impact.

About Red Lizard Software

Red Lizard Software is the leading provider of integrated C/C++ source code analysis tools for quality and security. Being the first company to combine the automated technologies of static analysis and model checking Red Lizard Software’s goal is to bring higher quality software to market faster.

Red Lizard Software’s flagship products Goanna Studio and Goanna Central detect software bugs and security vulnerabilities automatically at software development time. Beside deep analysis Goanna supports leading industry standards such as MISRA, CWE, GJB-5369, and CERT.


NICTA is Australia´s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Research Centre of Excellence and is developing technologies which will meet the current and future needs of the community in fields which will lead to large economic, social and environmental benefits for Australia. The technology underpinning Goanna is continually being advanced by NICTA.


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