Goanna Studio and Goanna Central 2.2

I am thrilled to announce that Goanna Studio 2.2 is now the most stable version of Goanna Studio ever created. Goanna Studio 2.1 was an impressive piece of software, but thanks to all the great feedback we have received, we have nailed down all the outstanding issues and we are ready to let you reap the benefits of our efforts.

The major part of our efforts has been targeted at making the Goanna Studio experience much better. This means more features and more stability. On the Visual Studio front, Goanna Studio is now capable of fully handling the range of possible inputs that you can throw at it. That means full Unicode support in everything, from how we process filenames, to project names and folders names, even down to the default file name when you export your warnings to CSV format from the Goanna Summary web page. This means, Goanna works reliably now with, e.g., Korean, Chinese and Japanese Windows. In addition we have introduced a feature we are calling Macro Visualisation. It is a way of presenting to you exactly what your source code looks like underneath all that macro mess.

On the Eclipse side we have some amazing new features. Goanna Studio can now handle various custom CDT Tool Chain tools. It’s as simple as telling Goanna which Tool’s it should be emulating, and then the Goanna analysis in your build environment is one step closer to perfection. The long-standing annoyance that appears asking you to select a CDT Project when you first try to analyse something with Goanna is now fixed. In addition, Goanna Studio for Eclipse now works in Windows-based environments with the MinGW tool chain.

Another major feature we are pleased to announce is Flexelint and PC-Lint integration into the Goanna Studio for Eclipse package. This allows you to run your version of lint and Goanna analysis at the same time, and have all the warnings presented to you in one simple interface.

The fixed false positives and changes to checks include:download full movie Manchester by the Sea 2016

  • ATH-div-0 – now warns for any expression that evaluates to 0
  • ATH-div-0-* – these checks now only warn when there is a definite division by 0.
  • ATH-neg-* – these checks no longer give warnings about floating point operations.
  • ARR-inv-index – now warns about invalid global array accesses.
  • COP-assign-op-ret – no longer warns about operator==.
  • COP-copy-ctor – two false positives were fixed, no longer warns when the copy constructor is intentionally unimplemented, and now handles C++ structs properly.
  • COP-member-uninit – now gives one warning for each uninitialised class member and now will also analyse assignment operators.
  • LIB-* – we have added a number of new checks warning about the unsafe use of library functions
  • RED-no-effect now has a more precise warning message.
  • RED-unused-val – no longer warns when you return a value, and now warns more correctly and almost lines up with the MISRA coding standard rule: 0-1-6.
  • SPC-ret-stack – no longer gives a warning when you return static local variables.
  • MEM-double-free – gives less false positives due to assuming that delete operators can throw exceptions

Other minor improvements and bug fixes are:

  • better handling of gcc arguments (particularly include path specifications).
  • Goanna Central now smoothly handles multiple files on the same command line.

As usual, all current users get the upgrade for free. If you were a trial user in the past and need a trial extension visit: http://redlizards.com/trial-extension

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