Goanna Studio and Goanna Central 2.3

For the past several months we have received a lot of great feedback and support requests which have helped us dramatically improve the stability of our products Goanna Studio and Central. And yesterday we pushed a new version to our website which bear the fruits of our labor. At the same time we are releasing a bunch of new features that we hope will help people understand what Goanna is doing and make people more effective at using Goanna.

As usual, all current users get the upgrade for free. If you were a trial user in the past and need a trial extension visit: http://redlizards.com/trial-extension

What is new in 2.3?

New Checks:

  • ATH-div-0-param-unchk: Dividing by a parameter value without first checking that it is not zero
  • MEM-stack-global-field: storing the address of a field of a local struct in a global variable
  • ITR-uninit: using (dereferencing or incrementing) an iterator that hasn’t been initialized
  • ITR-end-cmp-bef: using an iterator after it has been compared with end(). This can occur when using an iterator after it is used in a loop.

New Goanna Studio features:

  • access check descriptions and examples through the IDE
  • added ability to manage warnings by suppressing/unsuppressing
  • added ability to pass specific options to the Goanna command line that is used during analysis.

Goanna Studio for Eclipse:

  • New ability to right-click on a file/project and run the Goanna analysis over just that item
  • Project specific settings have been moved to the Properties of the project (out of the Goanna Preferences)
  • Right-click menu now includes a link to the Goanna summary page for projects
  • If you close the Goanna Warning view it can be reopened from the Goanna menu
  • Improved stability of the Goanna warnings pane (with regards to close/open of Eclipse)

Goanna Studio for Visual Studio:

  • redesign of menu structure, Goanna is now a top-level menu
  • auto updating: no more uninstall-install updating.
    Note: you cannot do this from version 2.2 -> 2.3. It will work from now on.


  • Improved handling of floating point numbers in the data tracking analysis
  • Warning suppression captured in the database structure
  • Several bug fixes including handling of very large ASTs.
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