Goanna Studio for Eclipse and Goanna Central 2.3.1 – Linux 64-bit patch

Some of our users may have experienced a bug when using Goanna Studio for Eclipse or Goanna Central 2.3 on linux 64-bit systems. This error looked something like this:

internal error: assertion failed: conv_host_fp_to_double:
error on conversion of DBL_MAX: Numerical result out of range:
((double)1.7...e+308L) (float_pt.c, line 524)

This bug was caused by us upgrading our release build infrastructure that defined DBL_MAX to a value that contained a cast, and our parser was not able to deal with this. We are releasing a patch that will correct this issue. Please download version 2.3.1 if you are using goanna on a 64-bit linux system. Windows and 32-bit linux systems are not affected.

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