Plugging Goanna at CeBit

Today is a day of firsts. And this firsts doesn’t include that I got up before 8am; I did this before, even though Ralf wouldn’t believe it. Also it is not that I am wearing a shirt with a collar; this has happened before as well, last time probably when I got married. And we have even been at trade shows before with Goanna as well. The new thing is that this time around we actually have tool for everybody to download and try. CeBit has a very mixed audience, from Premiers, over journalists, manager, developers, to high school classes. It did happen that groups were mostly interested in free lollies. But at the end of the day we achieved our first mile stone. We got the majority of independent professional C/C++ developers in the Northern Territories interested. At least that is how this team of two and CeBit sponsor introduced themselves. Seems like our Goanna is on its way to the red centre of Australia.

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  • James Campbell

    May 14, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    Thanks Ansgar, enjoyed the entry yet more importantly you didn’t mention that it’s the first time I’ve bought you coffee…..

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