Red Lizard Software joins Atmel Gallery

Electronica 2012, Munich, Germany, 13 November 2012 – Red Lizard Software is pleased to announce that its Goanna Studio static code analysis tools are now available to Atmel Studio 6 users via the Atmel Gallery, an app store for development tools and embedded software that was launched today.

Goanna Studio is a static verification tool that analyzes C/C++ programs for difficult-to-find bugs including access violations, overruns, memory leaks, security flaws, and arithmetic errors. Goanna Studio also verifies compliance with industry safety and security standards such as CERT C/C++, CWE, MISRA C:2004, and MISRA C++:2008.

“With Red Lizard’s Goanna Studio static code analysis tools, embedded developers can easily extend Atmel Studio to check their MCU applications against crashes and security vulnerabilities,” said Ralf Huuck, CEO and Co-Founder of Red Lizard Software. “Atmel Gallery is a first of its kind to easily provide all the tools a developer needs. We are excited to be included in this app store to help bring additional value to the embedded industry.”

Atmel Corporation (NASDAQ: ATML), a leader in microcontroller (MCU) and touch technology solutions, has simplified the software design process for embedded MCU designers with the introduction of Atmel Gallery, which evolves Atmel Studio 6 into a comprehensive integrated development platform (IDP).

The availability of Goanna Studio in the Atmel Gallery allows developers of products based around the Atmel AVR® and SAM ARM® -based Cortex™-M MCU’s to rapidly detect and eliminate software defects before release, greatly reducing development costs and time to market. Goanna Studio integrates seamlessly with the Atmel Studio 6 IDE, and natively supports code written for AVR and ARM toolchains.

To shorten the design cycles for their differentiated products, designers today need a comprehensive IDP that provides easy access to all the necessary tools and embedded software they require, such as compilers, advanced debugging and analysis tools, real-time-operating systems and communication stacks.

“Embedded designers require a new type of development platform that helps meet the exploding software requirements in their MCU designs, including an effective way to protect their apps from bugs and crashes. Goanna Studio does just that by enabling designers to meet their challenging project timelines,” said Joerg Bertholdt, director of marketing, MCU tools and software, Atmel Corporation. “Atmel Gallery provides the convenience of an app store to add an integrated code analysis solution into Studio 6.”

You can download Goanna Studio for Atmel Studio 6 here.

You can also read the full press release here:

Red Lizard Software joins Atmel Gallery

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