Visual Studio: Looks good BUT…..

I used to be a keen windsurfer and once attended a training camp/holiday in Greece. We covered advanced maneuvers such as 360’s, forward rolls and duck gybes etc. The instructor always said, “Doesn’t matter if you pull it off, just so long as it looks good!”

The reason for this story is that at Red Lizards we have a mantra of “Bringing higher quality software to market faster”, and so the flip side of this coin is that we can’t ship a release until it is of sufficiently high quality. Double edged sword perhaps, yet this is the business we chose.

Here’s the rub; our Visual Studio release looks good and even if I say so, it looks really good BUT… comprar viagra sin receta en farmacia. it’s not ready from a quality perspective. We’ve been running some reasonably large projects through it (e.g. Quake III, Google’s Chromium and others) and we’re not satisfied with the bug warnings and reporting.

I previously posted that we’d have the MSVS release up in July, yet we’ve slipped and are now tracking for mid to end August, for which I apologise.

If you have some spare cycles, are interested in being an early Beta tester and are working with a large project code base, please contact Ralf ┬ávia ralf[at] and we’ll work on providing you with early access to a pre-release. Thank you for your patience and support.

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