goanna studio

for Eclipse

Goanna Studio for Eclipse places Goanna’s deep static source code analysis at the fingertips of developers using Eclipse-based IDE’s, including Atollic TrueSTUDIO,  Mentor Graphics Sourcery CodeBench, QNX Momentics, Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio, and Wind River Workbench.

Goanna Studio for Eclipse provides deep analysis, bug tracing, warning browser, and standards cross references integrated seamlessly with the Eclipse environment, enabling advanced bug detection and analysis with only a few clicks. This minimizes process changes and delivers bug detection as the earliest possible stage.

Includes cutting edge model checking technology from the latest research.  Read more

Provides extensive coverage of major industry coding standards.  Read more

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Cutting Edge Technology Goanna uses advanced model checking technology delivering highly efficient path coverage for all functions.

Whole Program Interprocedural Analysis Goanna Studio supports whole program analysis for checking, e.g., that null pointers are not passed on and dereferenced in other functions.

Incremental Analysis Goanna Studio generates digital fingerprints of earlier analyzed functions and prevents potentially costly re-analysis when the function has not changed.

Abstract Data Value Tracking Goanna Studio automatically tracks potential ranges of variables, detecting possible array overruns, overflows, and arithmetic errors.

Over 200 Classes of Checks Growing number of high-value checks ensure that even more critical bugs can be found at development time. An in-depth list of checks can be found in the distribution available for download and in the user manuals.

Analyze Files, Projects, and Solutions Goanna Studio for Eclipse supports the analysis of whole projects and even selected set of files for quick analysis.

Unique Path Simulator Goanna Studio can "replay" bugs directly in the IDE to better understand its cause.

Reporting and Exporting Analysis results can be filtered by file and defect type, and exported in CSV format for further triage.

Feature Matrix
Eclipse Atollic TrueSTUDIO Freescale CodeWarrior Mentor Graphics CodeSourcery QNX Momentics Texas Instruments Code Composer
Static Analysis C/C++ C/C++ C/C++ C/C++ C/C++ C/C++
Deep semantics analysis
Fast path exploration
Interprocedural analysis
100% local path coverage
Abstract data tracking
Detects crashes, memory leaks, security vulnerabilities
Expanding check data base
Configurable checks
Error Path Simulator
"Double-click" installation
No annotation required
No process changes required
Runs on single files
Runs on projects
TI Build Tools
For more information also visit the FAQ section.
Eclipse ✓ Goanna Studio for Eclipse supports all versions of Eclipse from version 3.5, with C/C++ development tools (CDT) version 4.0 and up. 
Atollic TrueSTUDIO ✓ Goanna Studio for Eclipse supports Atollic TrueSTUDIO and the GNU ARM toolchain.  See our Atollic TrueSTUDIO integration page for more details.
Mentor Graphics Sourcery CodeBench ✓ Goanna Studio for Eclipse supports Mentor Graphics Sourcery CodeBench including ARM, ColdFire, MIPS, Power, and x86 targets.
QNX Momentics ✓ Goanna Studio for Eclipse supports the QNX Momentics IDE including the QNX C compiler and Neutrino RTOS.  See our QNX Momentics integration page for more details.
Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio Goanna Studio for Eclipse supports Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio including the TI Build Tools and C2000, C28x, C6000, and MSP430 architectures.  See our Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio integration page for more details.
For more information also visit the FAQ section.