End-user License Activation

After purchasing a license or obtaining a trial license you will receive an order number to your email address. You can either activate a license through Goanna Studio directly or enter your order details and machine specific information to download a license through this page online.

The Challenge key is a machine specific string that can be found in the activation window of your Goanna Studio instance, or by running goanna-key from the command line in Goanna Central. Valid challenge keys contain at least two values separated by a ‘-‘. Examples are:

  • 33909E1DE9499D39-FF6ABA29492B5E03-CFEFA895C3ADDDF5
  • 8EDD2FDEF96568F4-4BDE28C14F8AE379
  • DA47F20DECCF1B72-8EDD2FDEF96568F4-849F9A2E2E80EF38-DA47F20DECCF1B72

If your challenge key only contains a single value, you can gain more values by enabling networking interfaces.